Master Gudong: A Rose Medallion Plate that Worth a Tinker’s DimeClick

Editor’s Note:If we call our website ‘Collectible Overseas Forum’, we mean that we will discuss various collectible items encountered all over the world, as well as we will discuss them with friends on all different continents – including many non-Chinese speaking friends. Therefore, we set up the English Region to facilitate our discussion. We might have French. Spanish, Russian, Japanese Turkish, Greek speaking friends, since most of us speak English fluently, we select English as our primary communication tool.

Master Gudong has been in the North America Chinese antique business for years. He has many Chinese antique dealer friends with non-Chinese origin. He is familiar with the terminology and jargons used by our international friends. So he can answer most people’s questions.

We hope our non-Chinese speaking friends come to our ‘English Version’ category to post their treasures and have a lively discussion with us……

Master Gudong:
A Rose Medallion Plate that worth a Tinker’s DimeClick.

An antique piece for sure with the old staple repair.
Can someone give a date on this wonderful antique plate, please?


Landlord of Bull City:
(Translation: Is this a quiz given by Master Gudong? It looks like no golden color can be found on the hair of those figures on the plate (possibly worn out?) I think it should belong to the late Qing period, for older ones usually have golden color on the hair – some people say before the Opium War will have. I need other people’s input)

Master Gudong:
It might be easier for the non-Chinese to read if you use English.

Even for false devil?


Waiting for more discussion……

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