专家 Experts

特邀专家 Resident Experts

人在悉尼西 – 早年历史专业毕业。是文物鉴定专家,中国古陶瓷研究大师耿宝昌先生弟子。原北京故宫博物院馆员,有几十年理论和实际的宝贵经验,研究涉猎文物和古董众多领域。本人在中国书画上也有很高造诣。

Master Sydney – Early Chinese history major graduate. He is a student of Mr. Baochang Geng, the most famous Chinese ancient porcelain expert nowadays. Master Sydney was a member of the National Palace Museum, Beijing. His research covers many fields of Chinese antiques. He himself is an accomplished artist in Chinese painting and calligraphy.

老古董 – 早年世界银行贷款中国派赴美访问学者,留美MBA。专业经营中国古董多年,是研究中国历代外销瓷的专家。

Master Gudong – Early visiting scholar sent by Chinese government to the U.S. under the funding of World Bank loan. He earned an MBA degree in the U.S. He has been engaged in the Chinese antique business for many years, and he is an expert in Chinese export porcelain.

过路人路过 – 化学博士,生物化学家。从事中国瓷器经营多年,对出口瓷和西方瓷器非常熟悉。

Master Guolu – Ph.D. in Chemistry, expert biochemist. He has many years of experiences in learning Chinese export porcelain and other Chinese antiques.

老梁 – 出生中国瓷都景德镇,早年就有瓷厂的工作经验。大学毕业后,经中国科学院出国深造高科技学业。现在美国东岸经营中国古董,有两家商店,也有制瓷作业。老梁师有瓷器制作,鉴定,和经营的丰富经验,还有精深的中华武功研究。可联系: stonekinoss@yahoo.com.

Master Laoliang – Born in the porcelain capital (Jingdezhen) of China and worked in a porcelain factory in early age. He finished his college study in Science and came to the U.S. from Chinese Science Academy. He is an expert in porcelain with knowledge in manufacturing, evaluation, and trading. He can be reached at: stonekinoss@yahoo.com

瞎玩 – 清华大学毕业,留美机械工程博士。多年来专攻古玉和明清玉器,对青铜,竹木牙角等杂项也有研究,

Master Xiawan – Graduated from Qinghua University, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He has many years research experiences in Chinese ancient jade and Ming, Qing dynasty jade, also has extensive knowledge in miscellaneous items.

特邀艺术家 Resident Artists

汉至 – 原名戴昱,中国美术学院(原浙江美术学院)综合绘画专业硕士首届研究生。后执教中国美院。由台湾世界文物出版社出版《戴昱素描技法》和《素描油画技法》,1999年合著出版《世界名家素描鉴赏》,2000年由中国美术学院出版《戴昱综合绘画》。2001年受瑞士领事馆邀请访问瑞士,并作为客居艺术家访问法国巴黎国际艺术城,作为联合国艺术家协会会员访问欧洲各国并做展览。2002年作为访问学者访问美国,在弗吉尼亚的诺福克做客座教授,任教Old Dominion University和 Norfolk State University。2003年,应聘为西雅图艺术学院Cornish College of the Arts艺术系和设计系客座教授。2006年应聘为加州洛杉矶著名的天主教大学Loyola Marymount University的全职教授,出版了《素描密码》和 《点燃是心灵》两本著作。2012年,被评定为终身教授。

Professor Hanzhi (Yu Dai) – He was the first Master degree recipient of Comprehensive Painting major from China Zhongguo Art Institute (originally Zhejiang Institute of Arts), then remained as a teaching faculty in the school. During this period he has multiple publications. Professor Hanzhi accepted the invitation of Swiss Consulate in China, and visited Swiss in 2001, then visited Cite Internationale desArts as a visiting artist, and visited other European countries with personal art shows as a member of United Nation’s Artist Association. Professor Hanzhi visited U.S. in 2002, then taught in several universities and finally joined the famous Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. There he published two important books: “Drawing Code – East meets West” and “Ignite the Soul – The Art of Figure Drawing”, and earned his tenure in 2012.

张梅驹 – 旅美台湾书法家,师从齐白石弟子王北岳学习书法篆刻。从事书法教学已经近20年。当初在台湾大学当老师时,就在工作之余教授书法。退休后来到美国加州定居,就全心投入了书法教学。 每年有五个月时间到中国教授「繁体字书法」。现在有西南大学、四川美院、重庆大学各校研究生50多人,以及世界各地学生数百人。是“汲古书会”的创始人。

Professor Mei Chu Chang – Chinese calligrapher and seal cutter originated from Taiwan. He is a student of Master Wang Beiyue, a disciple of the famous Chinese art supermaster Qi Baishi. Professor Chang has been teaching Chinese calligraphy for more than 20 years. He started his calligraphy class when he was in the famous Taiwan University. After he retired and settled down in the bay area, U. S., he devotes himself in the teaching of Chinese calligraphy. Every year he spends more than five months in mainland China to teach. Now he has more than 50 graduate students in Northeastern University, Sichuan Institute of Arts, and Chongqing University in China. He has taught hundreds of students all over the world. He is the founder of the ‘Ji Gu Association of Chinese Calligraphy’.

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